The Wounded Warrior Project

Our Warriors are the very best of America, and are the best in the world. For centuries, American troops have fought for our freedom, protected us and others around the world. They risk their lives daily, doing whatever the mission requires, keeping us safe, fighting for liberty, while being away from their loved ones. Giving their all for any mission we send them to accomplish, accomplishing every mission.

Our warriors deserve our support and respect, every day, but especially when they have been injured in the call of duty.

Please heed the words and deeds of our President and CEO, John F. Zullo:


We live in the greatest country in the world, which possesses the greatest military minds and personnel on the planet. We have the freedoms we have because of the brilliant men and women of our Armed Forces. They are put in harms way many times and are often forgotten about or overlooked.

Wherever I go, I personally stop to shake the hands of our military personnel, no matter how busy I am, and I encourage you to do the same. Even after what they have been through, even after the horror of what they have seen, they are most appreciative of the acknowledgment. Please, take the time to honor and respect these young men and women who keep us safe and secure. Discount Packing Supplies is now a sponsor of THE WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT and generously contributes to those veterans who face challenges upon their return to this great country.

We ask all Americans to contribute to this and/or any other cause that helps these brave men and women.

John F. Zullo

Discount Packing, Inc.

Certificate of sponsorship of the WWP, signed by all living Presidents: Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama


Discount Packing Supplies is proud to be an ongoing supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project, making sure no one is left behind, ensuring that American Troops get the care they need to rebuild their lives. Your support of our business helps us support them, and we ask you to consider making a donation directly to them.

Certificate of Recognition issued to John F. Zullo