All-in-One Packages: Just-To-Start Pack


  • (20) 1.5 cu. ft. Book Boxes
  • (10) 3.1 cu. ft. Medium Boxes
  • (5) 4.5 cu. ft. Linen Boxes
  • (4) 5.2 cu. ft. Dish Boxes
  • (1) 25 lb package of Clean (blank) Newsprint/Wrapping paper
  • (3) rolls Packing Tape


Just enough boxes to get your packing started. Order this to get ahead of the game with your packing, then add more boxes or a larger package later. This one has 4 Dish Pacs and a big package of clean blank wrapping paper in it, so it’s great for getting a start on your extra kitchenware.


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