All-in-One Packages: Deluxe House Starter Pack


  • (20) 1.5 cu. ft. Book Boxes
  • (20) 3.1 cu. ft. Medium Boxes
  • (20) 4.5 cu. ft. Linen Boxes
  • (10) 6.1 cu. ft. Extra Large Boxes
  • (5) Dish Boxes
  • (5) Wardrobe Boxes with Hanger Bar
  • (1) 25 lb package of Clean Newsprint
  • (1) 6-Pack Packing Tape
  • (1) Tape Gun
  • (3) Small Picture Boxes
  • (2) Large Picture Boxes

(Picture boxes included in this Deluxe Starter Pack, not shown in this image of the standard House Starter Pack)



A bit more than a starter.

More than the House Starter Pack, for only $40 more. Adds 3-each small and large picture boxes, for less than their individual added cost. Great for pictures, mirrors, and more. Super value!


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