When you order from us via our convenient ecommerce store, we require certain basic contact information in order for us to provide you with the products and service you ordered. This data includes your name, address, telephone, email address, any notes like requested time of delivery, and any information you include on the comments section of the order form or in a separate contact form. This is the same type of information you would need to give us or anyone in the same business, if you were ordering by phone, by mail, by fax, or by other non-internet means. We take the same normal standard of care with it which we would if you called us. When you use our order and contact forms, our website creates and sends an email message to us, and in some cases a confirmation to you. Although our website itself uses secure HTTPS (sometimes called “SSL” or “TLS”), Email itself often is not secured nor encrypted for privacy. It likely will be transmitted in plain text for at least part of its journey from your computer or mobile device, to our website, then into email to our email server (and yours) and down to our computer (and yours). This is the same as any other email. This is why we ask that you do not include credit card, banking, or other sensitive personal or financial data in your email or form-to-email communication. It is safe by normal commercial standards to enter payment information on our actual order form / cart checkout screen, because that is not sent via email, is only allowed via HTTPS, and in the event we provide you a PayPal or credit/debit-card payment option, the payment details and account information are handled directly at those external, high-security financial payment processing websites.

This site uses cookies. Cookies are just data.  Despite some reports, they are not “programs”. Almost all websites use cookies for technical reasons – to know if you are logged in as you move from page to page, or enter a comment. To keep track of technical details about your browser to speed the right technical version of our content to you, matching what your system can best display. The third party advertisers, widget providers (weather, location, currency, social networking, or similar) also use cookies, and those features may appear broken if you block cookies. Please see your system’s help information and also consider the privacy protection add-ons we list below, if you do not want to have cookies from us or our partners/vendors/service providers stored on your system. If you totally block cookies, it is likely it will be impossible for you to order from our online store. Please call us with your order, or email us, if you want to order but you refuse to allow cookies, even as temporary and session cookies.

As do all other websites, our web server at our outside hosting company captures your IP address, general geographic location of that IP address, referrer site information (where you are coming from), and significant information about what browser and device you are using. Including plug-ins and other add-on software, your device’s operating system, screen size, and more. This may be sufficient to do “browser profiling” to the point of uniquely identifying you even if you are using adblocking and tracker-blocking software. We do not engage in browser profiling, but cannot speak with absolute certainty as to our third-party providers. This site is hosted at one of our trusted hosting partners: normally in the USA, but may also be hosted at times either in USA or in as a failover backup site at one of our trusted alternate web hosting providers at one of their European locations, or with whatever company and in whatever geo-location the site owner and the technical management chooses. However this site may be technically distributed in part via one of more systems known as a Content Distribution Network (CDN): Currently we work with the CloudFlare CDN, the CDN for images and certain other services, the Google Code Repository CDN for certain JavaScript and other code libraries, which may include fonts. All of the above are primarily located in the USA, but your particular device may be getting the site from what the CDN in question determines is the closest, fastest, or other wise best location to serve you, out of their global coverage of multiple servers. Thus your browsing and using this site may involve you sending your requests and getting your responses through one or more of those companies, and to one or more countries, for best technical performance.

We use what are commonly called “analytics” for understanding how our visitors use our site and discover our company. This is normal web practice followed by essentially every online company and even most private blogs. 3rd-party and on-site analytics are in use, from Google, Statcounter, Shareaholic, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress/Automattic Inc, and other providers. These only help us understand how you use our site so we can improve it, they also let us provide you with valuable services such as the social media sharing widgets and tools. Similar features from other companies may be in use and we reserve the right to change, add, remove, or alter the scope of, third party elements.

We use them to bring you value, and to help us understand the analytics and demographics of our customers, prospects, and site visitors. As part of our analytics, we do use many Google Analytics features, which may include ecommerce tracking and the Google DoubleClick Advertising cookie and analysis code. If you have chosen to allow interest-based tracking of you across the web, Google may share with us how you are categorized – such as “outdoor enthusiast”, “home buyer”, “age 35-45” – but never on an individual level. Our site will still work and you can review and order our products and services, even if you block all Google, DoubleClick, and similar trackers. We explain how you can do that, later in this policy page. Please look up and visit the homepages and privacy policy pages of Google, WordPress, CloudFlare, Amazon CloudFront, StatCounter, Shareaholic, Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools, and others, if you would like  more information. You can easily find those from a simple web search using your favorite search engine.

We also use social media sharing and “save for later” tools and widgets on our site, which make it easy for you to share interesting content including products and articles with your family, friends, relocation consultant, or anyone. Or to save info to your “read later” services such as Pocket. These services and widgets come from companies such as Google (Google+ and other features), Facebook (Facebook and WhatsApp), Microsoft (Skype and others), Twitter, Pinterest, Inc, and others. Please visit the relevant companies directly for their privacy policies.

Controlling What You Share – Protecting Your Privacy:

Even though we do web advertising and use analytics, if you are concerned about tracking and ads, we recommend that you consider using ad- and privacy-blocker software on your web browser and devices. At least some options for ad- and privacy-blocking add-ons are available for Google Chrome (and related browsers), Mozilla Firefox (and related browsers), Microsoft Edge for Windows 10+, Microsfot Internet Explorer, Opera (now a related browser to Chrome technology), and Apple Safari, if you do not want to be tracked. Those tools include but are not limited to, Adblock Plus, AdBlock, uBlock Origin, Disconnect, EFF Privacy Badger, and Ghostery, among many others. If you use these tools and set them to block everything, you will not see our social media tools, such as our Like/Follow buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and live streams of our latest posts from Twitter and Facebook. You will not be able to comment on our News Articles posts (our blog section) if you block all commenting tools. If you use ad blockers, you also will not see our own advertisements we run on Google and other sites, some of which may have special offers. However, you will still be able to use all the core features of our site, including online ordering.

Policy version: 3.0 Date 2017-03-31 23:59 UTC