Packing can be a tedious, and time-consuming chore that causes more stress than necessary. Here at Discount Packing Supplies we understand how much of a hassle it can be to pack an entire household worth of belongings on your own and that is why we have professional movers and certified packers ready to do it all for you!

Benefits of choosing our Packing Services

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So Go To Yoga, Already! We’ll Pack Your Stuff!
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Packing Triggers Stress. Stress Triggers Rage. De-Stress with Discount packing.


Our packers are well trained in the proper packing procedures. They know how to pack your fragile items correctly, which guarantees safety of your possessions. They also know how to properly label your items so that your move can be as quick and efficient as possible. Having trained packers do all of the packing for you makes the whole process move a lot quicker and gives you opportunity and time to attend to all other matters of your move.


You can buy the boxes and other materials you need from us. We will help you choose the sizes and the kinds you’ll need. Packing materials are also available and include unprinted newsprint, bubble wrap, and tape. All prices for materials used can be found on the products page. We bring all of the boxes and supplies needed to pack your house and we will only charge you for what we used. We will pack anything you have from dishes to major appliances. Hiring professional packers instead of buying the boxes and supplies on your own will actually save you money!


All it takes is one phone call and all of your packing and moving will be done for you. It ordinarily takes Discount Packing Supplies one day or less to pack your home and prepare you for your move. This allows your move to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. We can do a whole pack job, partial pack job or just your breakables!

Moving Services

Finding you the right movers:

With over 20 years of experience in the moving business, Discount Packing Supplies can provide you with everything you need for your move. Whether you are moving across the country or to the next town we can find you the right mover. We represent 12 different reputable moving companies with years of experience. Discount Packing Supplies will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE and then match you up with the proper mover for you!

Vehicle Transportation:

Don’t want extra mileage on your vehicle? Let Discount Packing Supplies move your vehicle for you! We have auto transporters available to provide a safe, smooth, mileage free move of your vehicle, motorcycle, or boat. A FREE ESTIMATE can be provided to you. You give us the starting location and final destination, and we will do the rest!