Discount Packing Supplies is Green

Discount Packing, Inc. recognizes the enormous quantities of packing & moving supplies that they are supplying to customers in all of eastern Massachusetts, and has moved to do our part to protect the beautiful environment that all live and work in.

As such, we now sell boxes made from recycled cardboard*, as well as a green bubble wrap that actually breaks down in a landfill in less than 20 years, as opposed to the original clear bubble wrap that takes 5 times longer. Also, when we have used boxes, we will offer them to our customers at no cost rather than throw them away.

* Please note, we are the largest purchasers of “job-lots” & “dead stock” boxes from factories that are not made with recycled cardboard; however, we step in and save these boxes from our packed landfills, and sell them to our valued customers at a reduced price.

Even our website is Green! We now host our website at a service provider who offsets the carbon emissions of all the electricity used to run the computer center.

To ensure availability, we sometimes temporarily switch to an alternate web host which also has highly ethical and ecologically-aware policies, but at such times our site may not validate.

Everyone is a winner, especially our future.