We have special deals!

We have specials all the time! Keep an eye on our site for some specials we’ll be listing here. We’re always working with our suppliers to find sources of great deals Frequently we have mis-printed, or mis-sized boxes available – brand new, just as strong, just slightly “off”. We can sell them to you cheap because we get them cheap!

Always ask about our specials when you call 1-508-358-6058 to order. If interested in saving even more than our already low prices, make a note in the “Comments” section on our online order form asking to substitute any special deals on mis-printed/mis-sized boxes.

We also have boxes to fit any large-screen TV or monitor. These are the only used boxes we normally sell, because we get them from professional installations of flat-screens. Original manufacturer’s boxes (not necessarily your brand but it will fit), which are the perfect way to protect your TV or large computer monitor. Obviously, if you saved your own, you don’t need ours!