Labor Day weekend special – get our Packages before the (slight) increase!

We hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend, celebrating or just relaxing with friends and loved ones. Enjoying the end of summer, and having a safe and fun time this holiday weekend. But if you have a move or a big storage project on the horizon, you might want to hop over to our Orders page and grab one of our House, Condo, Apartment, Starter, or other pre-configured packages of moving supplies! Prices go up Monday night.

Unassembled boxes of many types, for books, clothing, linens, dishes, plus tape and wrap
Our Condo Pack that’s right for most condominiums or large apartments

We’ve held the line on the package pricing all summer long, even though we had to slightly raise the prices of some of the boxes and supplies in the packages way back in March. Our packages have always cost even less than our low individual prices, but for the past several months they’ve been even more of a good deal. Eventually, we had to adjust those prices to reflect our costs for the individual items.

“Eventually” is Monday night! Labor Day, Sept 1, on or around midnight, our Packages prices go up a bit. They will still be a great value, still will be less than the individual item costs, but they won’t be quite a screamin’ cheap as they are right now. So take advantage of our letting the package prices slide down to the beach all summer, and jump on the old prices right now! We’ll honor all orders put in at the old price through Monday night, for delivery during the next two weeks.