Celebrating July 4th – Birth of American Independence and of Our Great Nation

Happy Independence Day, America!

July 4th Stars and Stripes Celebration

On this important holiday, we show our pride as citizens of the United States. As residents of Massachusetts, we are proud of the role that our state played in this important event. Discount Packing is a moving supplies company. Without the freedom to move to our destination of choice, we could not exist. This is a freedom that many Americans take for granted. Citizens of some countries are not so lucky.

Whether you plan to  go out and enjoy the spectacular events of the Boston Harborfest, your own community’s fireworks and parades, gather with friends and loved ones for summer fun, or stay home and reflect on the meaning of independence, we wish you a happy and safe July 4th celebration. We leave you with this movie trailer, which was shown in theaters in 1940.

July 4th Movie Trailer 1940

Images from Movie Trailer