Moving Weather in Boston

Weather at the Old Hancock Building
The Old Hancock Building

How can you predict the best moving weather in Boston? Some people use the weather beacon that crowns the Old Hancock Building. Historians call it the Berkeley Building. Boston locals refer to it as  the Old John Hancock. It claims a prime location  at 200 Berkeley Street,  in the heart of the Back Bay. The building is known for the  color-coded weather beacon at its summit, which broadcasts light patterns as weather forecasts.

Steady blue, clear view.
Flashing blue, clouds due.
Steady red, rain ahead.
Flashing red, snow instead. 

During baseball season, the flashing red lights inform Red Sox fans that the game has been cancelled  on account of weather.

Weather Beacon History

The beacon was first showed its lights on March 15, 1950. Forecasts from a meteorological agency located on the 26th floor controlled the light patterns.  It stayed lit until 1973,  when  legislators turned it off to set an example during the ongoing energy crisis. Bostonians rejoiced when their favorite weather forecaster came back to life in 1983.

In October 2004, the beacon flashed red and blue to commemorate the World Series victory of the Boston Red Sox.  A new line was added to the poem:

Flashing Blue and Red, when The Curse of the Bambino is dead!

Red Sox Victory Lights

Moving in Boston’s Temperamental Weather

As if narrow streets, buildings without elevators and insane parking regulations were not enough to drive you nuts, the ever-changing Eastern MA. can wreak havoc on your moving day plans. By all means, watch Boston’s beloved beacon for signs of inclement weather, but listen to the weather reports as well. Don’t be like these students:

Boston Moving Day September 2013

Of course, these students were trying to save money with a DIY move, but the damage to their belongings might clearly illustrate the idea of penny wise, pound foolish. Professional packers know the right packing supplies for any weather. Professional movers know the best routes to take to any neighborhood, and understand the importance of avoiding moving truck crashes.