Smart Moves: Hire a Pro for Your Packing Projects

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This is Why You Don’t Do Your Own Packing!

It sounded like a good idea at the time. Invite friends and family to a packing party, and celebrate your move to a new place.  It will be fun. It will save money. Unfortunately, it did neither. Packing is an art, a science, and a real pain in the neck. Here’s why you should hire a pro for your packing projects.

Packing Takes Time and Time Is Money

Our professional packing team can pack up your boxes within a day. It’s going to take you much longer. This means:

  • You will probably need to take time off from work, and you’ve used used up all your sick and vacation days.
  • If you’re moving out of state, you’re going to miss the awesome farewell party your co-workers planned for you.
  • Get to the gym? Fuhggedaboutit!
  • Go to yoga to relax? Not gonna’ happen!
  • Hang out with neighbors and friends? Sorry!
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So Go To Yoga, Already! We’ll Pack Your Stuff!

Packing Is Stressful

Stress triggers rage. Rage causes arguments. Arguments cause people to slam the door, hide in the other room and cry. That makes packing take even longer.

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Packing Triggers Stress. Stress Triggers Rage. De-Stress with Discount  Packing.

No Offense, But You’re Probably Doing It Wrong!

Like we said: Packing is both an art and a science. Our packing team is well trained in proper packing procedures.  This means:

  • Our packers can quickly identify similar items and pack together.  Amateurs waste valuable time arguing about which items should go where.
  • The Discount Packing Supply team will never over-stuff a box and think they can get away with it.
  • Our packers understand the right boxes and packing materials for the right items. Using the wrong boxes can cause irreparable damage to your items. And here you thought you were saving money.
  • Movers or not liable for items they did not pack. If you packed grandma’s heirloom wine glasses in the wrong box, things will end badly.
  • Furthermore, epic failure at self-packing your moving boxes can result in movers refusing to put them on the truck. That means you’re gonna’ have to lift them yourself, and load them into your own vehicle.  That cracking sound is either one of your valuable glass items, or your spinal vertebra.
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Forget Something?

If you hire our professional packing team, they will  bring all of the boxes and supplies needed to pack your house. When the job is done, you only get charged for the packing materials they used. Many people over-spend, and waste money on materials they don’t need.  Others purchase too little, and discover it too late: usually after the store is closed.

Do yourself a favor and let us pack for you!

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  1. Mark Mercer

    So true. Easiest move we did was the one from Brookline MA to Colorado, where you guys arranged everything for us!

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