Boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, oh my!

Once the movers leave, it’s normal to look around your new place, and cry “this is not my beautiful house.” Some people will attack the unpacking process with a vengeance, ruthlessly tossing out all the packing materials that we so carefully and lovingly provided. But wait! Step away from trash bin and take a moment to think outside the box, so to speak.

Open moving box.
This box helped you move. Now what to do with it?

As part of our Green Initiative here at Discount Packing Supplies, we want to show you some creative uses for your packaging materials. For example, decorate one of the wardrobe boxes and turn it into a puppet theater for the kids, or use it to store their Halloween costumes. Got posters? Mount them to cardboard, and increase their longevity.

Editor’s note: We published this piece back in November at our Discount Packing Google+ Page, and are happy to share it now on our new News and Articles section. We have updated the links to some of the sites to match their changes since then.

The Bubble Wrap Popping Game

Popping bubble wrap reduces stress and brings out your inner child. Rather than sneaking in a few pops, take a break from the unpacking process and play a little game. Lay out two sheets of bubble wrap and set a timer. In one minute, two people try to pop as many bubbles as possible.The person with the most pops wins.

To add to the fun, color the bubbles, and assign a point value to each. Play a few rounds. Whoever accumulates the most points wins. Perhaps they get a 30 minute break from unpacking. Don’t use up all the bubble wrap. Save some to create a cushion for your sleeping bag, or to cushion the seat at a sporting event.

Bubble Wrap for Window Insulation

Roll of bubble wrap.
Lots you can do with this after you’ve used it to move. Click for the article at TLC’s How Stuff Works site, where this picture is part of that article.

After you’ve had fun playing the bubble wrap game, put some aside and save it for home insulation. How Stuff Works shows how.

Reuse Packing Peanuts
Hate those packing peanuts? Before you toss them out, check out these creative ways to reuse packing peanuts, from The Daily Green’s Green Living section. (Since our original post, this has become part of Good Housekeeping.)

There’s more where these came from. Visit often for new ideas.

One more tip, though you might need to wait till Spring for this one… or maybe we helped you move to a warm climate and you are still gardening now! (Editor’s note: And now, it’s only two weeks until Spring!)

Using Cardboard to Kill Weeds
Pulling weeds is one of the least enjoyable aspects of gardening. Weeding s the proverbial dirty job, but unfortunately, someone has to do it. Cardboard comes to the rescue! This article and video from Lifehacker  shows you how.

Reuse your Moving Supplies, it’s good for the environment, is economical, and even fun to do!

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