The end is nigh (of some very old prices)

We hate to do it. Discount is our first name, and it always will be. But it’s time. We have to raise a few prices. Our costs have gone up, especially with our still offering you free delivery in Boston and in our service area of Eastern Massachusetts. Our 2011-2012 prices, kept flat though all of 2013, need some tweaking in order for us to be able to offer you overall the best prices and service for cheap packing supplies.

This weekend, we’re updating our main website with higher prices on about 8-10 items. Not much higher – just ten cents here, 50 cents there, things like that. The wardrobe box with a metal hanging bar to keep your clothes safe and smooth, is going up more. Metal costs.

Read more to find out the details on how to beat the increase!

Here’s your chance: Call now at 1-508-358-6058, or use our web order form at and get your order in before the increase! Order taken online or by phone by Sunday night, for box delivery arranged before April 1, will be at the old price. Stock up now!

We’ve kept our prices at the same level for well over a year. Some, much longer. We’ll still be the best source near Boston for cheap moving boxes. With free box delivery in Eastern Massachusetts (see our main site for details).

Remember, our moving boxes are still inexpensive storage boxes, and are cheap packing boxes for your upcoming move, or for Spring Cleaning. Get some packing supplies now. They’ll still be at a discount after Sunday, but they’re at an even bigger discount right now.